Startup West Africa.

Startup West Africa is the 5.0 of OUWA’s Certificate in Entrepreneurship. We have learned a lot over last 4 iterations, and are super excited to offer our new and very evolved Certificate. 

Important details
When: 28th of January @6pm
Where: Methodist Church (Ako Adjei Park, Osu)
Fees: 20 Ghana Cedis (10 if you have previously registered for a course)

The course will be made up of live and pre-recorded lectures. There will be many thematic breakout sessions on everything from finance, to websites, to fundraising, and more. There will be many live coaches and e-mentors. 
We will be offering two tracks. 
One: if you have a business and want to grow it. In addition to the live lectures and thematic breakout sessions you will take the following course
Two: if you have an idea that you want to turn into a business, then you will take the following course
There will be a business plan competition at the end. If you are a winner, you will be eligible to receive funding to commence operations via our partner SliceBiz. 
Don’t have an idea, but want to be part of a startup? No problem. Our program is team based. So come and link up with other peoples exciting ideas. 
OUWA’s model is to educate, incubate and invest. You can tell by our course fee, that we are essentially a free university. But like all schools, we need to make money in order to survive. We do this by taking equity in the companies we help start. So if you attend our program, you agree to give up 10% of your company. That 10% goes to OUWA, which helps us to hold such courses in the future. 
Furthermore, if you end up getting funded through SliceBiz, you will give up another 10%. So in total, to go from idea to funded startup, you should expect to give up 20%.


About francouchman

Uchechukwu Francis Okeke Director of Business Development / Co-Founder of SliceBliz Francis is the Director of Business Development and co-founder of SliceBiz, the winners of Startups weekend this year. Francis is an Entrepreneurship undergraduate student at the Open University Of West Africa with Certificate in General Education. With his knowledge in business for over the past years in The Gambia as the Manager and the purchasing Manager of Maxy Enterprise, and having an Entrepreneur life, he Strongly believe that SliceBiz is here to unlock a whole new business opportunity for the Startups and the Investors in Ghana and Africa as a whole.
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